These workshops are designed in such a way that no matter whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced you will be able to develop and strengthen your artistic voice and visual skills. If you are a beginner you can start from scratch and go through the workshops, building one block on top of the other.
If you are intermediate or advanced  you can dip in and out exploring new possibilities and extending your selves beyond your current level. 


This course caters for every level, beginner, intermediate and advanced due to the individual attention every students receives by using the complimentary building blocks below that the student can build on to reinforce their artistic development.

Students can choose their subject matter from portrait, landscape, abstract or still-life and can work with any of the following mediums Oils & Acrylics, Watercolour/Gouache.

Beginner BLOCK

A material list
Setting up your palette (wet palette for acrylics), oil palette (oils)
Colours layout (Light to dark/warm to cold)
Setting up your composition, using viewfinder, under painting, use of blue and umber tonal under painting Working from dark to light or blocking in main base colours

Intermediate BLOCK

How to stretch and prime a canvas
Using actual photographic reference
Brush work
Gestural, Expressive
Depicting light, darks to create the notion of volume
Warm and cool painting
Development of composition: Tonal values, transparent and opaque paint exploring abstration in paintings
Painting using the emotions and imagination
Working from the general to the particular


“Alla Prima” “Glazing” "Sfumato”
Contemporary techniques learning from the masters
Painting 'in the matter of' different techniques can be explored through different artists through the ages. Rembrandts 'Alla Prima' technique
Chardin/Vermeer/Turner/Velazquez Glazing Technique
Leonardo Da Vinci 'Sfumato' technique

Choosing a painter and a painting that you admire ie: Rembrandt explore his painting process
Working in a base color for the tonal study 'Alla Prima'
Using just one base color i.e. burnt sienna or raw umber, cover the canvas in a light glaze and then build up the tonal values from dark to light. When it is dry apply the skin tones using a limited palette, working from dark to light.
Lastly block in the block in the background.

This workshop will be repeated with other painters and styles as you like with reference to the above approaches

Contemporary styles will be explored:
Distinguished by loose open evocative brush strokes/Vibrant colour saturation,
Contemporary colour palette (post Bauhaus).
Anything goes basically use of quick sketches, photographic reference, reference materials gathered in notebook, who has done it before, a nod to antiquity, “Looks Like” scale, Compositional aides, Mixed Media/Collage use of full colour palette,
Development of a theme or subject matter to pull your work together

“...... She is the sort of teacher who can lift you over a mental barrier and helps you to rescue bad work and get some value out of it.
She is tremendously encouraging. She draws the best out of people come what may..."

Former Head of IMMA

Exerpt from the Irish Times Paper, , 29th, November 1994“ THE MENTOR”


10 Week Programme
Currently sessions will be held online via Zoom

Next Start Date: Week Commencing    January  4th, 2021

Days to choose from Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday 10am-12.30pm 

 € 150

  • Meet with the student artist to discuss their previous work if any, their goals and where they hope to go and what they hope to achieve
  • Attendance of practice workshops:(Drawing skills) and basic/intermediate or advanced painting skills, depending on the students current level of expertise.
  • Regular discussions and assessment of the work done by the student to date and how you feel you are progressing
  • Home study plan to enhance and support your endeavours
  • Classes and group dynamic/ Community supports (even online)
  • Weekly individual and group consultations supported by emailing and texting and using demonstration tools
  • Understanding all different styles, mediums and approaches will allow you to pick and choose those that interest you and will support you and enhance your own painting experience and work 

I’m missing my Tuesday morning classes with Eorna. I’ve been going now for 10 years to Eorna’s art class. Each Tuesday morning I would jump out of bed quickly as I looked forward to the morning ahead. Eorna has been particularly patient with me as I struggle with my painting.

Sheelagh Gallagher


Newtownpark Avenue, Blackrock, Co Dublin

Telephone: (085) 738 3126


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