This time around, for certain, I’ll be able to simply tell him that we love him

This time around, for certain, I’ll be able to simply tell him that we love him

In order to Fuutarou, our company is merely. his students. This is exactly why, I’ve , along with the most useful grades out of the four people, believe it or not. Making sure that I am able to with pride graduate from being Fuutarou’s student.

Miku Nakano ( ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? , Nakano Miku ? ) is the third sis of your Nakano Quintuplets, plus one of main letters of 5-toubun no Hanayome collection. This lady has a bashful identification.


Miku are an enthusiastic emotionless lookin girl having average-size brownish locks who may have strands of hair clinging over the right-side out of the girl deal with . The lady prominent accessory is actually a set of wireless earphones that have a triangle-designed representation with the ear canal servings (Audio-Technica) [6] . Like this lady sisters, she has dark blue attention, the average level, a proper-blessed figure and enormous tits.

Miku constantly wears an extended-sleeved jacket which covers her uniform. She and additionally wears black tights and you may throws on her headphones to the woman neck. Normally, this lady has part of her fucks safeguards the woman right attention. She wears an excellent ranzel. [7] [8]


Miku is a hushed and you can kepted woman who’s got a pessimistic thought processes and you may lowest depend on, also concise of belittling herself. [9] Fuutarou Uesugi notes one she does not have any faith when you look at the by herself. [10] From inside the as opposed to her kepted notice, she will talk into the an easy manner and you will cannot hesitate to confront anyone else. [11] She can additionally be plus quite possessive, as the she cannot perform better when Yotsuba kisses Fuutarou to your cheek to help you wipe particular solution, and overall she will get pouty incase various other woman, particularly certainly the lady sisters, will get a tad too intimate to possess comfort which have Fuutarou.

It is revealed you to definitely this lady has an obsession with generals about Sengoku Months. [12]  She actually is considerably dependent on the ideas, concise off affecting her real-lifestyle choices. [13] She covers this particular fact of the woman men in fact it is embarrassed when Fuutarou learned. [14] When Fuutarou confronted the lady in order to a good duel regarding historic studies, she donned a set of armor like Takeda Shingen’s. [15]

Even with her a little bad lifestyle, for example whenever she asks Fuutarou to give up for her [16] , the woman is the initial sis so you can follow this new Gotoubun Principle. Miku constantly reminds herself to follow which idea, supposed in terms of limiting her own attention to be certain people are treated just as. [17] Miku is additionally a genuinely kind individual: she will get the following Nakano quintuplet after Yotsuba to just accept Fuutarou, therefore the first that openly fall for him. The lady interactions with him after their first profile arch enjoys her both are wholeheartedly supporting of him, bronymate gentle having him, or alarmed to own your. She actually is and additionally viewed permitting a vintage girl mix the trail in the you to definitely chapter.

Miku possess a depressed feeling of modesty and you will cares little about this lady physical appearance compared to the the lady sisters; not even taking situations where the girl person is launched. She don’t attention deleting their enough time clothes in front of this lady tutor otherwise annoy dressed in showy attire. Not surprisingly, she seems to harbor insecurities regarding the her own appearance, because she confides so you can Nino you to she does not examine by herself as the lovely than the the girl and ichika.

Based on Fuutarou, for each and every Nakano Quintuplet provides their particular qualities about their sheet sets. [18] When you look at the Miku’s instance, this lady has a handwriting.


That is about anybody I understand. She wanted to admit the woman emotions, however, she did not since she did not have the fresh new count on. it appears. As if she would be to acknowledge, things wouldn’t be able to return to the way they was in fact ahead of. This is the brand of courage it will require to help you declare. [so you can by herself] Also to genuinely believe that you will find members of this world having that type of courage. As to why have always been I such as a good coward?

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